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Social media is a core part of modern-day society. Almost everyone has the proverbial Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Regardless, there have been countless times as to where these social media’s create negative aspects within people’s lives. 

”Clout chasing”, idolizing others, jealousy and unproductive use of time are a few key-points to describe the current status and viewpoints on social media today. Daniel Kramer and Laurent Span, realized this and sought to make a difference. 


Born is WeGoal, a platform that’s focused on being the solution to the current social media space and more. Instead of endlessly attacking social media and its negative attributes, we at WeGoal have utilized research and psychological effects such as prospect theory to make society’s attachment to social media a positive one. 


WeGoal's founders understand that the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook’s are not going away, but we sought to create a social media that is truly for the individual user's benefit. Whereby creating a community, which still allows for social interaction, efficient/effective use of time and an environment that prospers when individuals help one another.  

WeGoal will create a social community where everyone is supportive of one anothers goals, whether it be health, academic, or career oriented. Social interaction on the app garners true meaning because it supports a user’s respected goal or a fellow user’s respected goal. Subsequently, through the use of gamification users can gather points and grow as they progress and achieve, which will then allow them to have increased visibility on WeGoal. 


Through the development of WeGoal, we will start to help people better achieve their goals in a more interactive way, one user at a time. I Goal, You Goal, WeGoal. 


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