Joseph is a rising senior studying Marketing and Hospitality at Florida Atlantic University. Part of Joseph’s lifestyle and achievements is the mindset to predict the future, by inventing it. Joseph is the Vice President of Communications where he gives the brand and image to his organization in the FAU community. Aside from his organization leadership, Joseph is the Student Body Vice President where he assists in being the voice for 30,000+ students and allocating and overseeing an 8.6 million dollar budget. From being raised in a traditional neighborhood in South Philadelphia, Joseph knows never to stop fighting for what is right and how to benefit everybody through a driven mindset. Post grad, Joe plans to move into the marketing and political field to advocate and give purpose to those seeking a more filling, successful lifestyle. Joseph plans to continue being the voice for those not being heard or given the chance to speak. Through WeGoal, Joseph will help give a reason and purpose for those wanting to better themselves and their communities.

2020 WeGoal Incorporated