Enrique is currently a sophomore majoring in business marketing at Florida Atlantic University. He is a driven individual who aims high and doesn’t settle for less. Enrique holds a passion for helping others and is the current Vice-President of Philanthropy for the Inter-Fraternity Council at his institution. Apart from raising money for a good cause, Enrique is always looking for the next opportunity to learn. As a student leader, he has raised over $5000 through multiple relief causes, represented his university in different annual conferences around the country, and has most recently received The 2020 New Member of the Year Award for his council. In addition, Enrique plans to expand his endeavors into WeGoal to further enhance his knowledge of the business world today. Even though his expertise lies around marketing, Enrique plans to  complete a post-grad in finance for self gain and to further cement his entrepreneurial role within WeGoal. Furthermore, he states, “WeGoal has the tenacity to propel individuals to new heights, and the resourcefulness to provide you with a system to become your better self.”

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